Saturday, August 23, 2008

End of Summer?

Funny, the grass is still green the mornings and evenings are still cool and it's August in the Midwest, usually the scenery is bland and beige, not this year however. On my deck the bird that sounds so much like a meow is torturing both my cats, I'm actually in long sleeves sitting having coffee while trying to remember what last year was to the date and I'm thinking I was sweatin' my ass off in the morning and laying in my bed wondering why the ceiling fan doesn't go any faster... in the evening. The Midwest weather is full of surprises I think and then I call home to my family on the West Coast and they tell me it's unseasonably cool here in the morning. I say.."how cool mom" knowing she so doesn't know what cool is and of course their cool is a balmmy 56 degrees where my two kids are topless running through the neighborhood looking for the ice cream man and on the west coast, pulling out the electric blanket snuggling to the fake fire-place!

I do love the Midwest now, it took 10 years of denile, a whole new fettish of purchasing coats and long johns, trying to find my niche in the hobby world of freezing isolation in winter months is still on going. Yes I know I exaggerate but there is a reason why there are so many september birthdays out here... Nothing else to do. I don't bake, sew, knit, crochet, puzzle, scrapbook, or indoor excercise much. So if you can imagine moving out here, never owning a coat, never being home b/c you're so active and then...boom your next past time is watching the weather channel you're gonna be in denial for a while.

I married an Iowa boy... He's pretty damn good lookin' super ornery, very grumpy so I mostly just stare at him, talking to him is not for the impatient person and that's me. I feel like I need a crash course in Charm school real fast. I'm known as the really direct Irish girl from the West coast with divorced parents....not sure what that means yet but I think my in-laws were hopin' for a more Iowa home grown girl with all those domestic skills I didn't have time to develop. Getting along has been such a fun time, I now play cat and mouse with them all including my lovely husband who no doubt will read this and freak on me, that's okay he flexes when hes talking and he has no idea I'm not listening just admiring his beauty....hee hee. So like I started to say... Once I found out my In laws despised Chicken, but never could tell me even now... I bring all type of chicken dishes from wraps, BBQ, casseroles to chicken skewers....Just still waiting for them to tell me. They now bring their own meals to eat at my house if they come over at all. My suggestion is to find out what your in-laws hate and cook the crap out of it...worked for me.

I'm telling you charm school is on the horizon... I'm learning to say "isn't that nice." Seriously when I think of the weather turning to winter where 5 out of 7 months were scooping snow off our driveway every other day... I'd be happy to be sent away to charm school. One of my favorite things to do to my snow shoveling husband (I would help him but he said he'd move home to California and hasn't so he really doesn't let me help) is to open the blinds wear something a lil' sexy, drink some hot cocoa with the kids, mine being spiked of course and waving out the window with my chocolate mustache... Did I mention the fireplace was lit and don't forget the apple pie smell in the house, coming from the kitchen in the form of a candle of course, remember I don't bake! Poor sucker, he should have moved home with me! Out of the kindness of my heart I'm buying him a snow blower this year can't bear to see him work so hard kinda. So when I look at the green grass cool weather and it feels like June it makes me wonder....Is it the end of summer and the beginning of our icy isolation? Weather Channel, here I come. Perhaps this year I'll pick up yoga. One thing for sure...I'm finding more chicken recipes.